British Shorthair cattery Ben-Nevis

The cattery of British cats “Ben Nevis” is registered in the system WCF in 2013. We have been breeding cats which have rare particularly colors (colors with white - bicolor, harlequin, van), color-patterns and also traditionally blue and violet. Our Pets have purely British pedigrees also they have excellent results at exhibitions and titles.

Why the British.

In our busy time, many people take at home the ‘’British’’. This is a goodsend for the business person. They are charming, fairly interesting and unobtrusive. They do not need constant attention of the owner: when you will not at home a cat will have a great time alone. Brits get along well with other Pets, also they get along very well with children. To care for this cat is very simple: to feed, occasionally combing wool, which is not affected by seasonal molt and does not fall down, to caress cat and most importantly to love.

Why cattery

The cattery is the most reliable place to buy your pet. Whether dog, cat or any other animal. In kennel with cat are people who have been trained on feline courses or who have special education. There you will be given advice on the care of an animal. In the nursery will tell you how to grow this breed. The nursery is the starting point of the journey you and your pet. When you buy a kitten in our cattery, You get a purebred animal, with excellent exterior and a true British character! Even if you want to buy a kitten just “for the soul”, it is better to take your pet to the high level, in order to be able for many years to enjoy the splendor and power of the British Shorthair. T

Ben Nevis - the highest mountain in Scotland (1332 m), is the highest point in the British Isles. The name of the mountain comes from beinn nèamh-bhathais", which literally means "mountain, the top of which is hidden by clouds" (sometimes simply "the mountain of the sky").